Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sony VAIO SVZ13114GXX Laptop

The Sony VAIO Z Series line of laptops is always known as the top of the line machines in their lineup. The same goes true for the Sony VAIO SVZ13114GXX Laptop which is one of the latest in Sony's premium ultraportable laptop devices which gives you the performance as well as thinness that is expected from an ultrabook while at the same time incorporating top-of-the-line and durable materials in its construction.

The Sony VAIO SVZ13114GXX Laptop shell is made from a mixture of high-end materials which include carbon fiber, magnesium alloy, and aluminum which when joined together, give you a lightweight material that is tough and durable. All of these materials come together to protect the powerful workhorse that's inside.

Equipped with a 3rd Generation Intel Core i7-3612QM quad-core processor with Turbo Boost Technology that gives it up to 3.10GHz speed, the Sony VAIO SVZ13114GXX Laptop contains more than enough power that what is expected of a device this small. With a 13.1-inch Full HD LED backlit screen that is clear yet anti-glare powered by an integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU, this small machine will give you crystal clear and sharp graphics that is perfect for editing or light gaming. Together with the 256GB Solid State Drive, the Sony VAIO SVZ13114GXX Laptop is designed to give you the best and most efficient performance ever in a portable ultrabook.

Source: Sony VAIO SVZ13114GXX