Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dell Latitude E5420 Laptop

The Dell Latitude E5420 is a professional looking business laptop that is usually issued by corporations to their key personnel. It boasts of a brushed anodized aluminum case and magnesium based internal components that just exclaims that this is a business tool. The nice thing about the Dell Latitude E5420 is that you can customize the hardware according to your needs.

You can choose from four different 2nd Generation Intel Processors from Core i3 up to Core i7-2640M Dual Core with Turbo Boost Technology for your heavy computing needs. You don't have to worry about memory either as the Dell Latitude E5420 can accommodate a 2.0GB up to a maximum of 8.0GB DDR3-SDRAM-1333MHz (2 DIMMS) along with a storage capacity of a whopping 750GB (7200rpm) hard drive, or if you opt, a 128GB Mobility Solid State Drive.

The screen of the Dell Latitude E5420 is a 14-inch HD Anti-Glare LED backlit display (1366x768) or you can choose to upgrade to the 14-inch HD+ Widescreen Display (1600x900). Working in the dark is not a problem with this device as its keypad has a backlight that automatically switches on the moment you touch it.

The Dell Latitude E5420 is an amazing companion for both the office and the home.